Comparison of Cross Stitch Programs

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
By keiji
It's a kind of honor to be listed in a comparison review with other cross stitch software:

Very nice comparison review regarding a conversion of image into a chart.

I'm aware of the issue of KG-Chart's color palette and I'm hoping to create a better palette in the future.


Re: Comparison of Cross Stitch
#1Faith @ 07/03/09 2:13 PM
Hi keiji
Thank you very much for your free KG Chart software :D
I downloaded it this evening (in the UK) and used it to transfer a new x stitch design I made of a tortoise.
You can view it at the link below! - - -
To show my appreciation I will write a positive review about your KG Chart on my blog (I will send you the link)
Kind regards, Stephanie Faith
Re: Comparison of Cross Stitch
#2Christine @ 07/07/09 10:03 AM
Hi Keiji...I too just found your software and thank you so very much! I tried to post in the forum, but could not get it to go through. My there a way to save the entire chart (color table and all) as a JPEG to be able to email and post on my blog with? I would really like the color codes on it without having to print it out and scan it back in. Please let me know if there is another way or if I am missing something. THanks so much
Re: Comparison of Cross Stitch
#3Remy @ 12/04/09 10:24 AM
Thank you! I recently found your wonderful program! I love the way it imports images ~ very crisp! I'm an amateur cross stitch designer, and post many of my copyrighted designs, as freebies on my blog. I have been using Pattern Maker Pro for my designs, and have tried most of the design programs currently available.

However, I'm using KG-Chart more and more, because I prefer the way it imports images. It's a wonderful program!
I've put a link to it on my blog:

Thank you!

Remy (Embroiderbee)
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