StitchSketch ver 1.62 release note

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
By keiji
This version includes following fix and improvements.

Bug fix
  • Exporting an image could output wrong color and vertically inverted.
  • Generating a PDF from Gallery is no longer available
    Of course you can still generate a PDF - Open a chart, and use the "PDF/Print" menu on the file menu.

When exporting as an image, it now uses PNG format instead of JPEG format.
Also, the UI provides more options:
  • Zoom: x1 x8 x16
  • View options (Full version only)
    You can choose: "Mark only", "Color Only", "Mark & Color", Real mode(Cross Stitch, Beads, Iron Beads, Knitting)
  • Grid on/off
  • Transparency on/off
    If on, the background will be transparent (PNG file w/alpha channel).
    If off, the background color will be the background color specified in a chart information.

With view options, it is now easy to generate "real" image of your chart (Full version only):

When generating a PDF, it has an option to turn on/off the color table.


Re: StitchSketch ver 1.62 release note
#1Stephanie @ 09/16/14 6:31 PM
Hi, Trying to export to PDF, but there is no option to add the color list for my pattern. Is there a way for me to export a pattern while keeping the color list?
Re: StitchSketch ver 1.62 release note
#2Kelly thornton @ 04/03/15 11:36 PM
I am trying to export my pattern as a pdf but there is no option to add the colour list. Can you help please?
Re: StitchSketch ver 1.62 release note
#3Sarah @ 07/09/18 11:42 AM
Is there a way to add a disclaimer to the pdf export? Example “For personal use only.”
Re: StitchSketch ver 1.62 release note
#4STACI D. BURCH @ 06/29/19 2:59 PM
I keep trying to transfer my image to pdf so I can print it. When I do there is nothing there. My paid version looks nothing like all the example pictures . On my iPhone.
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