Amazon Payment not available

Monday, August 11, 2014
By keiji
UPDATE 8/12/2014: It is available now.

The Amazon Payment to purchase KG-Chart Pro is currently not available. I'll let you know when it is back again.
Meanwhile, please use PayPal for the payment.

Thank you


Amazon Payment
#1fanny @ 09/23/14 2:08 AM
Hello Keiji,
I'm very interested by the KG-Chart Pro programm as I can't find any other good one to create my charts or to convert my photos ! But the link to pay by paypal doesn't work, and as I am French, I can't pay with It's written it is reserved to persons living in the US or having a US billing adress. And I don't !
Do U have a solution ??
Thank you for your help !


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