Happy New Year 2014

Wednesday, January 01, 2014
By keiji
Happy New Year!
Thank you all KG-Chart / StitchSketch users for using our applications!
I'm hoping I can bring more features to the applications for you to support your creativity this year.

I'm currently working on combining KG-Chart and StitchSketch all together as a one app and migrating it to other platforms: iOS/OSX/Windows/Windows Store/Android. My goal is to release it in this year.

Hope this year is going to be great for you all.


Re: Happy New Year 2014
#1Joy @ 03/01/14 3:01 PM
Wonderful news!
Looking forward to being able to use KG-Chart on Android
Re: Happy New Year 2014
#2Bob @ 11/28/14 7:02 AM
I am THRILLED that you are working to port this on Android! I have used KG-Chart in the past to much success. I hope to find it soon! :)

Blessings for your Holiday Season!
Re: Happy New Year 2014
#3Lord Libidan @ 12/20/14 2:28 AM
Hi Keiji,

Are you still working on this project?

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