StitchSketch ver 1.18

Wednesday, November 21, 2012
By keiji
StitchSketch Full/LE ver 1.18 is now available.

Following issues have been fixed:

Fixed: Generating PDF error: If color list has deleted a color, it doesn't draw the list correctly, or it could crash.
Fixed: File Manager's "Open" button to be white when a item selected.
Fixed: Symbol only view - now shows background color
Fixed: Knitting Symbol: "purl" was not drawing a purl mark
New: Knitting Symbol: "shade" option to show a purl


Re: StitchSketch ver 1.18
#1krewella @ 12/02/12 8:55 AM
I have just downloaded this program and I had to write and say it is amazing. Does everything I wanted to do and much more. Thank-you so much

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