The Galaxy Spatioplotter generates a galaxy using a newly developed algorithm. The goal of the research was to find an algorithm that generates most of the shapes of known galaxies by changing its initial parameters of its simulation of kinetics of stars.
It is a simulation using three basic observation and theories: “Galaxy Rotation Curve”, “Stochastic Self-Propagating Star Formation (SSPSF)”, and “Density Wave (DW) theory” Combining those three theories, I found it possible to explain various shapes of galaxies, such as spiral arms and bars, and possible sequence of evolution of the galaxy.

System Requirements
  • macOS
  • 1024x768 or higher and True Color display card and monitor

Copyright (C)2016 Mozusystems LLC, Keiji Ikuta
All rights reserved.

  • Apple XCode
  • OpenGL Mathematics
  • OpenCV
  • Freeimage.lib