This app allows you to visualize the colors in an image in a 3D color space. It provides a fascinating representation of the distribution of colors within the picture. You have the option to choose from various color coordinate systems, generate histograms, and even create a list of prominent colors through color quantization of the entire image.

This is a updated version from our Color Spatioplotter 2, to improve the stability and performance.
This is now written in Flutter. (The previous version was in C++)
Due to some Store restrction, I have to create a new package and name.

The app supports the following color coordinate systems:

  • RGB Cartesian coordinates
  • Rotated RGB Cartesian coordinates
  • RGB Cylinder coordinates
  • HSB Cartesian coordinates
  • HSB Cylinder coordinates
  • HLS Cylinder coordinates
  • YCC Cartesian coordinates
  • Lab* Cartesian coordinates
  • CIE xyY
  • CIE XYZ Cartesian coordinates

You can plot these colors in both 3D and 2D, including a CIE plot.