New PC's Case and PSU (2)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
By keiji
Category: PC
I found a review site aiming to build a "slient PC". I liked the way they review and I used the site to find a good case/PSU for me. | Everything about Silent / Quiet Computers

Also, as you know, the Newegg's users' review is quite helpful to decide which products are good or not.

Now, based on those review, my choices are...

PC Case
There are many many many cases out there, but considering the "simple look" design, the only one I can find is this: Antec P182

Here is the silent PC review of the P182:
Antec P182 Advanced Super Midtower Case: P180 v.2

Some photos:

I chose the Corsair, because it had quite good review and the quality seems to be very good. Among their product line, I chose this: Corsair TX650W

Here is the silent PC review of the TX650W:
Corsair TX650W ATX12V power supply

When I tried to determine the required max power, I used their site's calculation page (On their home page: Corsair).

Some photos:

It's funny that the PSU came with nice pouch.



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