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KG-Chart LE crashing on printing

#15121Galena @ 11/21/12 03:25 AM
When I've done a design and I click on 'print' the program crashes. If I restart my computer it solves the problem 50% of the time so sometimes I need to do multiple restarts. Any ideas?

Am running on Windows 7 and don't have this problem on any other programs...


Re: KG-Chart LE crashing on printing
#15142keiji @ 11/27/12 12:01 PM
Hello Galena,
Sorry for my late response.
That sounds strange... I guess something on your chart might be causing the crash. Are you using many back stitches or something like that? How big is the chart size?
With any chart do you have the same issue, or only on a particular chart? If it happens only on specific chart, then, if you could send me the chart to me (kgchart@gmail.com), I can analyze the issue.
Thank you,

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