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#13804Cindy @ 11/28/11 07:57 AM
I bought the Pro version today. Is there any way to get the registration numbers faster? I have some patterns that I want to print and the printout says created by KG.


Re: Registration
#13809keiji @ 11/28/11 8:27 AM
I have just sent a key to you. Please check your email.
Also, to use the registration key, you need to use "Pro" version.
Please download and install it from the download page:
KG-Chart for Cross Stitch - download
Re: Registration
#13810Cindy @ 11/28/11 8:55 AM
I'm registered! On to new patterns.
Re: Registration
#18205Bla bla @ 11/15/19 11:13 PM
is it possible, that i get the registration key also.
Re: Registration
#18222Melissa Beatty @ 11/28/19 2:01 AM
I bought my kg chart on amazon. Where do I find the key number so I can register it?

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